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"VIIAD offers a highly compliant, automated tool that connects payers, providers and insured persons. It provides upfront patient eligibility verification by providing a real-time connection to virtually all of the payers in the country." - Benefits Consulting Firm

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HIT Think Why ACOs must leverage big data to succeed


We agree!... imagine an actionable ACO specific intelligent directory. It is the logical starting point.

Real-time data and user-friendly tools provide relevant information to assist in determining what services are most effective.

Strategically utilizing existing assets and armed with the right actionable information, Accountable Care Organizations have the power to positively impact clinical outcomes, cost and satisfaction. If implemented correctly, ACOs will play a critical role in transforming our care-delivery system and the value we derive from it.

Contact us today and learn how VIIAD can empower your ACO.

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Inaccuracies in the data payers have on providers affect patient decision making


It is true. If the data is inaccurate or inadequate it’s more than useless for the patient… It hurts the bottom line for all stake holders.

Patients need and are demanding quality transparent care. They need to know where to go, who to see, and expect no billing surprises.
Payers must provide accurate data at the point of care or they will feel the price of their inaction; either by fines or lack of customer retention.
Providers are feeling the pain from both payers and patients. Hospital and community health organization are suffering from siloed data and the inability to share and maintain basic information. The cost... under-utilized assets due to patient leakage.

Everyone wants a solution to efficiently resolve the core issues. Unfortunately many payers and providers are immobile due to the multiple levels of complexity. Solution providers that fix one aspect never effectively address the entire problem.

VIIAD has all the tools in one complete solution. Our single source, real time intelligence engine COMPASS can successfully cleanse, sync and optimize your data. Utilizing effective channeling of data updates and transparency of complex networks, COMPASS enables the user to manage, influence and communicate effectively.

The bottom line... contact VIIAD today and stop the chaos.

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It's the hot topic at healthcare conferences, in news articles, blogs, social media posts.

How can we improve health care outcomes for the Patient, Provider and Payer?
Creating and designing integrations will consume all resources.
Even then... How do we make it work when the quality of data is not reliable?

It can be done. Easily... Seamlessly... Efficiently.

The answer is VIIAD. And we've been doing it since 2006. One platform running quietly and efficiently in the background of thousands of portals providing a single source of truth.

Be in compliance.
Improve healthcare outcomes.
And you won't need an entire IT team to get the job done.

Talk to a VIIAD representative today and learn how to Cleanse, Sync and Optimize your data for actionable results.

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BRG Healthcare (White Paper) Provider Directories: Litigation, Regulatory and Operational Challenges


It's Open Enrollment time – sign on to select...but wait...Is my Doctor in the plan?

"I have to know before I enroll...especially as premiums increase."

Is your data up to the task? Is it accurate? Does it represent the plan and product they are selecting?

According to BRG Healthcare's latest White Paper on Provider Directories – "reports indicate widespread inaccuracies in health plans' provider directories." Statistic vary but all agree that 1/3 of the data is incorrect.

VIIAD has enabled Provider Directory accuracy to our customers since 2006. Our clients empower their consumers to select the most appropriate plan and drive utilization to in-network services. VIIAD's solution keeps data clean, synced and optimized at the point of inquiry.

VIIAD's engine COMPASS, reduces financial risks to both consumers and plans with accurate relevant data.

Learn more about VIIAD'S solutions.

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National Association of Insurance Commissioners Updates Model Network Adequacy Law to Address Narrow Networks and Surprise Bills


Are you ready? Have a solution in place? Time is running out.

Many mandates and legislative bills have already been enacted or introduced in many states.

Many were just waiting for the National Association of Insurance Commissioners ("NAIC") to release their updates in order to model their own network adequacy standards.

Tick tock... the NAIC has approved an updated version of its Managed Care Plan Network Adequacy Model Act now known as the Health Benefit Plan Network Access and Adequacy Model Act ("Network Adequacy Model Act").

Controversy and concern over lack of accuracy, geographical data and participating providers in narrow networks resulting in surprise bills are just some of the issues driving mandates around transparency in networks.

At the next legislative sessions, our lawmakers will be confronting and putting laws in place addressing concerns widely discussed since the implementation of the Exchange marketplaces. These legislatures will likely finalize and introduce new network adequacy bills modeled on the NAIC and its recommendations.

We’ll get right to the point… VIIAD is the silver bullet.

One solution... One engine... to cleanse, sync and optimize information, making it actionable anywhere, anytime

We can quickly and easily have your networks in compliance. Our real-time intelligence engine, COMPASS, efficiently provides the most accurate data to end users.

What are you waiting for? Call VIIAD today!

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Good information on physicians hard to find


As published in HealthcareITNews, a new report, The Consumer's Path to Finding a Healthcare Provider, finds "consistent and comprehensive" information on physicians sorely lacking.

The survey was derived from qualitative and quantitative research with more than 1,000 patients. Survey responses conclude that specific physician attributes matter most to consumers. Ninety percent of respondents said it important or very important to confirm their healthcare is covered by their insurance.

This is no surprise to VIIAD. Complete and accurate physician data is important to consumers, as well as to employers and providers. Patients want to make educated decisions before visiting a healthcare professional. Employers and providers want to make sure their consumers are getting to preferred healthcare professionals and services. But neither can make the right decision if the data is incomplete, or worse, inaccurate.

Before the surveys and recent compliance mandates, our customers and (more importantly) their patients have benefited from VIIAD's solutions. VIIAD's configurable solutions navigate the pathway to proactively drive better care management, resource allocation, and cost containment. We enable organizations to manage, influence and communicate information to empower end users. Our real-time intelligence engine, Compass, efficiently provides the most accurate data in real-time to end users.

Consumers expect accurate data at their fingertips. Payors, providers and employers can easily and seamlessly deliver with VIIAD. Our solution channels data updates and transparency of complex network, plan and member information in real-time.

Get in touch with VIIAD today and learn how to Cleanse, Sync and Optimize your data for actionable results.

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Tufts Health Plan Launches New Tool


All networks - tiered or otherwise - are not created equal.

VIIAD has the universal engine and suite of tools that can tailor discrete and multiple experiences. If you like what you hear about Tufts' functionality... You'll LOVE VIIAD's solution!

For over a decade, VIIAD has been facilitating access to data for payers, providers and members; our configurable solutions navigate the pathway to proactively drive better care management, resource allocation, and cost containment for our partners in the health insurance and workers' compensation markets.

VIIAD is a disruptive solution provider, that facilitates the conversion of data chaos into actionable data.

Manage. Influence. Communicate.

Our real-time intelligence engine efficiently provides the most accurate data in real-time to end users.

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Obama Administration Wants To Make It A Lot Easier To Find Doctors Who Take Your Insurance


Consumers want it and governments are mandating it!

Many companies say they do ---- but do they REALLY deliver? Can you afford to take the risk?

Well before this issue was in the headlines, VIIAD recognized the need for accurate real-time data and we have been delivering for over a decade.

Our patent pending enterprise healthcare information management cloud and customized solutions provide companies with dynamic, integrated solutions. VIIAD's Compass delivers real-time data updates and transparency by dynamically streaming complex network, plan and member specific information at the point of inquiry. In other words.... we Cleanse, Sync and Optimize your data.

VIIAD is the thought leader in identifying and communicating transparency and network management trends. We are a trusted partner of leading health insurers, third-party administrators, self-insured groups, healthcare systems, provider networks, employers, and managed care companies with over 10 million satisfied users.

Conversations and industry conference topics are already focusing on patient real-time intelligence. But before that can be achieved, you need accurate real-time data.

Get in touch with VIIAD today. We are here to help you deliver.

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White House Moves to Fix 2 Key Consumer Complaints About Health Care Law


The clock is ticking, the Federal and State governments are mandating it and consumers are demanding it... network directories must be accurate.

As reported in the New York Times, Federal health officials said they would require insurers to update and correct "provider directories" at least once a month, with financial penalties for insurers that failed to do so.

Are you ready? Is ALL your provider data currently accurate? In compliance? VIIAD is the engine to keep your systems up to date, provide accurate data and affect your bottom line. We do the heavy lifting.

We are the thought leader in identifying and communicating transparency and network management trends. At VIIAD, we understand the pain points in healthcare—and we know how to fix them. Read more about our solutions and how VIIAD can reduce billing error and administrative costs, and increase network penetration.

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Provider Directories: Litigation, Regulatory, and Operational Challenges


When Provider Directories are out of date and unrelated to how care is directed, the risks are many. Change the game by empowering the source and optimize your directory's capabilities. The benefits are equally abundant in regards to improved engagement, cost containment and outcomes. VIIAD is that optimization engine. Read article


Obamacare, Private Medicare Plans Must Keep Updated Doctor Directories In 2016


Medicare Advantage and exchange plans can quickly meet the 2016 deadline of updating directories in "real time" and exceed "network adequacy" expectations.

Time is ticking to deliver - VIIAD is the answer.

Our solutions benefit you as the health plan by:

  • Providing tools to support adequacy reporting regulations
  • Providing provider verification tools with time and date stamping for audit purposes
  • Providing 'real time' data correction
  • Providing the ability to generate all types of customized and personal directories for easy evaluation
  • Enabling you to manage cost and quality data by provider and plan

Our solutions benefit your members by:

  • Accurately listing participating providers by plan
  • Updating provider changes in real time with 100% accuracy
  • Allowing members to access directories that are specific to their plan, network and benefits.
  • Allowing members to shop price and/or quality for providers in their plans
  • Empowering consumers to choose providers based on cost and quality

Avoid penalties...stay in compliance...VIIAD has your solution.

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Figuring Out If A Doctor Is In Your Plan Is Harder Than You Think


A standard provider directory is thing of the past; in today's world it has to be relevant to the consumer at a moment's notice. It's hard enough to deliver information by doctor, location and hospital affiliation let alone synchronize that data with each individuals' plan and benefits. The complexity is overwhelming, but not for VIIAD. Our engine is persistent and can dynamically generate transparency in real-time. Empower your users with accurate relevant data to drive better choices. Read article


Bill Would Require Insurers To Improve Provider Network Lists


Need to meet the potential requirements of SB 137? Better about meeting the needs of your Providers and Patients. Never before has managing and maintaining this data been so difficult with so many divisions of products and plans. VIIAD exceeds SB 137's requirements and empowers all users to have access to accurate relevant data at the point of inquiry....when you need it! Read article


Former HHS Official Calls For 'Smarter' Networks That Deliver Cost-Effective Care


They say we need to make the case that smarter networks result in better outcomes, more efficient care, less over treatment and lower costs... We do! VIIAD powers your smart networks with accurate current information in real-time between your back-end systems and the user experience. Let our platform ensure your data is right. Providing the member with relevant information at the time of inquiry makes it actionable. The only way to influence quality and care coordination is access to the right data at the right time. The result...reduced costs and improved member experiences. Read article


Less than half of doctors in insurance directories may be available


End the frustration of bad physician data. When a directory is powered by VIIAD, it ensures the first search for a physician is accurate and relevant to the patient seeking the information in real-time -- that’s what we call transparency. Empower patients with information and let them start making smart decisions about their healthcare. Read article


Narrow Networks Cut Costs, Not Quality, Economists Say


As evidenced by Massachusetts State Employees, increased utilization of limited network primary care providers generated 40% reduction in cost – now that’s a network containment strategy where everyone benefits. Leverage the ability to provide quality care, improve PCP engagement with patients while reducing medical care spend. VIIAD streamlines the process. Read article


A Health Trade-Off That's Here to Stay: Lower Cost, Limited Choice


There's a new 'narrow' in town... and it's not all bad (or narrow.) Networks are evolving and being designed to provide new facets of information: quality, physician ratings and cost transparency. VIIAD's Compass and HealthTicket streamline the management and delivery of pertinent data necessary to make informed decisions in real-time. Read article


How Technology Can Transform Our Healthcare Labyrinth


Just because systems may seem antiquated doesn’t mean they can't be leveraged. Powered by VIIAD's Compass tool navigate through the system and deliver a communication platform though our HealthTicket. Provide the details needed to empower our evolving healthcare system. We have smart cars, smart phones... now we can have smart healthcare. Read article


Report: The Migration to Clinician Network Management


Patient engagement and care coordination decisions need to happen during the pathway of care. VIIAD's Compass provides Physician with much need referral information and patients with guidance in the palm of their hand so they can make smart choices. Read article


Hospitals Plot the End of Insurance Companies


Full spectrum of care starts with possessing an accurate view of the range of services available within that integrated healthcare system. VIIAD's Compass solution provides the optics and information in real-time needed to manage that community for better care and outcomes. Read article


ConsumerWatch: Many Reasons for Inaccuracies in Covered California Directory


VIIAD's Compass unites data from multiple sources into one. Offering real-time, tailored information to administrators, providers and plan members. Compass provides a relevant view of the data at the point of need. The best network members can access…is the one created just for them. Empower them with the correct information and choice in real-time. Read article

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