An instant view into providers across facilities.

“By providing a point of integration with regional providers, VIIAD allows us to provide greater coverage than would otherwise be feasible.” – Health Insurer

Healthcare Workers' Comp
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Accurate and relevant data at the point of service.

Providers need clear information to help them confirm patient eligibility and benefits, collect the correct copays and deductibles at the time of service, facilitate referrals and coordinate patient care. VIIAD's innovative healthcare information platform accurately delivers this data when, where and how providers need it. Our proven software solutions synchronize different data sources, enabling the delivery of the right healthcare information in real time – from plan, product, network and patient information down to the right copay or deductible.

The Compass Engine

Powered by VIIAD

By delivering accurate data to provide real-time transparency into complex healthcare transactions, we can help you proactively guide patients through the preferred pathway of care, facilitate referrals and care coordination, support evolving care and payment models and reduce expenditures resulting from billing errors and administrative costs.

Compass Tools

Fueled by the the comprehensive Compass engine, each integrated tool empowers end users to Port, Verify, Identify, Enable, Refer and Act by converting data chaos into actionable data.