Lower premiums and claims costs.

“The VIIAD team has helped us immensely with one of our biggest issues, which was employees using an out of network pharmacy to fill their first prescription after an injury. We’ve now rolled out VIIAD’s solutions in every state where we have a presence.” - National Retailer

Healthcare Workers' Comp
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A positive experience starts with the right data.

Employers want to improve employee engagement in health plan networks while reducing claims and administrative costs. VIIAD's innovative healthcare information platform clearly delivers information when, where and how you need it. Our proven software solutions synchronize different data sources, enabling the delivery of the right healthcare data in real time - from plan, product, network and employee information down to the right copay or deductible.

The Compass Engine

Powered by VIIAD

By providing real-time transparency into complex healthcare transactions and delivering accurate data, we can help you proactively guide your employees through the preferred pathway of care, reduce absenteeism, improve employee satisfaction, support cost containment strategies and reduce healthcare premiums and claims costs.

Compass Tools

Fueled by the the comprehensive Compass engine, each integrated tool empowers end users to Port, Verify, Identify, Enable, Refer and Act by converting data chaos into actionable data.