Between patients and providers.

"For the first time, members and providers have a comprehensive view of health plan benefits, member’s financial responsibilities, pre-certification requirements and referral information, when they need it most—at the point of care." – National Preferred Provider Network

Healthcare Solutions

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At VIIAD, we understand the pain points in healthcare - and we know how to fix them. Our solutions reduce costs, improve efficiency and increase satisfaction across the healthcare spectrum. From ensuring that patients connect to preferred providers at every step on the path of care, to providing instant verification of benefits and helping administrators streamline their workflows, VIIAD is making healthcare run more smoothly.

The Compass Engine

Powered by VIIAD

One engine to Cleanse. Sync. Optimize. Compass is an enterprise healthcare information cloud that delivers real-time data updates and transparency by dynamically streaming complex network, plan and member specific information at the point of inquiry. Executing against this integrated, cohesive engine creates opportunities to lever­age increased engagement and penetration, in turn, optimizing revenue potential.

For Payers

Health Plans, Health Information Exchanges, Medicare/Medicaid, TPAs

For Providers

Hospitals, Networks, Healthcare Organizations, Integrated Healthcare Systems, ACOs

For Employers

Self-Insured or Fully Insured