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Founded in 2006, VIIAD Systems is a healthcare technology company that is reinventing how healthcare information flows. Our patent pending enterprise healthcare information management cloud dynamically streamlines complex network, plan and member information to deliver real-time data updates and transparency. By facilitating access to data for payers, providers and members, our customized solutions guide users through the most efficient pathway of care to proactively drive better care management, resource allocation, and cost containment for our partners in the health insurance and workers compensation markets. For over a decade, VIIAD has been a trusted partner of leading health insurers, third-party administrators, self-insured groups, healthcare systems, provider networks, and accountable care organizations with over 10 million satisfied users.

VIIAD's Compass is an enterprise healthcare information cloud that delivers real-time data updates and transparency by dynamically streaming complex network, plan and member specific information at the point of inquiry. Compass is designed to reduce claims costs by increasing preferred provider network and ancillary network penetration.

VIIAD's Health Ticket is an on-demand, dynamic healthcare communication platform and virtual ID card that delivers benefits information in real time to plan members, injured workers, healthcare providers and payers.

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HIT Think Why ACOs must leverage big data to succeed


We agree!... imagine an actionable ACO specific intelligent directory. It is the logical starting point.

Real-time data and user-friendly tools provide relevant information to assist in determining what services are most effective.

Strategically utilizing existing assets and armed with the right actionable information, Accountable Care Organizations have the power to positively impact clinical outcomes, cost and satisfaction. If implemented correctly, ACOs will play a critical role in transforming our care-delivery system and the value we derive from it.

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