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National Association of Insurance Commissioners Updates Model Network Adequacy Law to Address Narrow Networks and Surprise Bills


Are you ready? Have a solution in place? Time is running out.

Many mandates and legislative bills have already been enacted or introduced in many states.

Many were just waiting for the National Association of Insurance Commissioners ("NAIC") to release their updates in order to model their own network adequacy standards.

Tick tock... the NAIC has approved an updated version of its Managed Care Plan Network Adequacy Model Act now known as the Health Benefit Plan Network Access and Adequacy Model Act ("Network Adequacy Model Act").

Controversy and concern over lack of accuracy, geographical data and participating providers in narrow networks resulting in surprise bills are just some of the issues driving mandates around transparency in networks.

At the next legislative sessions, our lawmakers will be confronting and putting laws in place addressing concerns widely discussed since the implementation of the Exchange marketplaces. These legislatures will likely finalize and introduce new network adequacy bills modeled on the NAIC and its recommendations.

We’ll get right to the point… VIIAD is the silver bullet.

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We can quickly and easily have your networks in compliance. Our real-time intelligence engine, COMPASS, efficiently provides the most accurate data to end users.

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