Can you meet "network adequacy" mandates?

Connecting members & providers on the first try

We work with real-time data to confirm eligibility and benefits, accurately and on-demand. Use our intelligence layer to display data based on product, plan or member, anytime, anywhere.

Powering existing systems with real-time data

Our business intelligence layer integrates seamlessly with your existing portal and provides instant interoperability with your backend systems, regardless of platform. We’ll help you leverage the unique systems investments you've already made, enhancing the results.

Tailored experience in-line with your brand

Our solutions are easily configured to meet your needs, providing data views that are as flexible as you need them to be—and users will never feel like they’ve left your site.

Latest Thinking


Obama Administration Wants To Make It A Lot Easier To Find Doctors Who Take Your Insurance


Consumers want it and governments are mandating it!

Many companies say they do ---- but do they REALLY deliver? Can you afford to take the risk?

Well before this issue was in the headlines, VIIAD recognized the need for accurate real-time data and we have been delivering for over a decade.

Our patent pending enterprise healthcare information management cloud and customized solutions provide companies with dynamic, integrated solutions. VIIAD's Compass delivers real-time data updates and transparency by dynamically streaming complex network, plan and member specific information at the point of inquiry. In other words.... we Cleanse, Sync and Optimize your data.

VIIAD is the thought leader in identifying and communicating transparency and network management trends. We are a trusted partner of leading health insurers, third-party administrators, self-insured groups, healthcare systems, provider networks, employers, and managed care companies with over 10 million satisfied users.

Conversations and industry conference topics are already focusing on patient real-time intelligence. But before that can be achieved, you need accurate real-time data.

Get in touch with VIIAD today. We are here to help you deliver.

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